Friday, October 3, 2014

Meet Canela, she isn't art but she inspires it!

Birdies love Birthdays

Welcome to the world Bradley, I'm an auntie (sort of) again

My art on cake, yummiest art ever!

Micah's First Bday Card

Paddling my way to you...

Love where you live....

A Bicycle that Talks

New Nephew, New Drawing

Big ol' Rollers

Silly Trees & Snowy Mountains

It's about time!

Ive come to realize that it's been almost 3 years since my last can time fly so quickly?!  I've been neglecting this little blog and that's just got to stop.  Don't worry, not that you would, I haven't neglected my art, that never stops-it's part of my soul.  However, to bring this blog up to date would be impossible as all the art I've done during the past 3 years is pretty much distributed to loved ones all over the world...literally.  I'lll scour the house and photos to find some art to post.  It's often hardest to get back on the horse,  so here i go, giddie-up!